About Us

About Us

About musketeers Idea Ltd.

Musketeers Idea Ltd. (MIL) has been established in 2015 to offer services in the field of modern technology and business automation solution, Consultancy, accounting, tax, VAT, legal and advisory services. Since establishment, it has been able to combine a strong and talented team of professionals including Certified Chartered Accountants, Advocate, IS Auditors, Software Developers and Business Graduates.

Our Professional Strength

Bangladesh market is shaped by a constantly changing operating environment and a high degree of regulation at both national and international level. The day to day complicated problems faced by clients require a multi-disciplinary approach. Our professionals are specialists in their fields. Our professionals strive to add value for the benefits of clients. Their experiences are gained through their affiliation in a wide range of different organizations and markets.

Muskeeters idea ltd.

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